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How can i use the multiple link uploader?

Welcome to our link shortener's Multi-Upload feature—a powerful tool designed to streamline your workflow and save you valuable time. With Multi-Upload, you can shorten multiple links simultaneously, eliminating the need to shorten each link one by one. Whether you're migrating from another platform , a digital marketer, or simply someone who frequently shares links, this feature is tailored to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

How to Use Multi-Upload:

Using Multi-Upload is simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to shorten multiple links at once:

Log in to your Admaven account from a computer (or desktop view on mobile browser) and choose the new content locker option

Choose the multiple link option in the popup menu

Download the template file

The CSV file should contain the following columns

A. URL - where users will be redirected once finishing the tasks
B. Title - What appear in the top of the content locker page

Fill the upload form in the following way

A. Upload name - this field will not allow you to group statistics it’s just for your organization
B. Sub Source ID - this field allows you to group links in statistics , can use a new one , or one previously used for your choice

If your account manager assigned you with a domain already you can add it here

Upload the CSV file in the upload CSV box

Upload an image for your background and logo ( if you leave empty the background or logo will just be plain white)

Click create content locker

Your links are now ready for sharing !

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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