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How to get a tag for WordPress site?

What is the Ad-block bypass Solution? Can AdMaven tags work with a WordPress domain?

Ad-Maven offers the best & most unique ad-block bypass solution in the online advertising industry – which can increase your sites proffit up to 30% (ads will work on all web browsers – Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari & etc)

Every user will receive the ads even if the user has an Ad-block add-on installed on their browser – ensuring you 100% ad exposure.

WordPress Ad-block Tag:

Ad-Maven also offers an ad block solution created especially for WordPress users!

In order to use our ad block bypass code on a WordPress site, you need to install the AdMaven plugin from your plugin store.

To get this advanced solution, enter your website WP Admin, and click on the Plugin menu and add new to "Installed plugin".

Search "AdMaven" and install the Zip and activate the plugin.

After you have installed the plugin you will have in your admin menu a new section called "Ad Maven" click on it, and then in that view insert your tag id.

To get your Tag ID you need to open a new tag on your Sites and Placements section in your publisher’s panel.

Updated on: 28/02/2022

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