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I don’t see any ads on my site, what should I do?

If you implement Ad-Maven ads correctly you can check it here. You need to make sure the JS code is set on the <head> section though other sections should also work perfectly.
Also, if you are using an AdBlock extension, make sure the ads are not blocked - if it's still not solved please contact our support to get a code for our AdBlock bypass solution.

Did you check that all of the implementations are set accordingly – If so, leave the JS code implemented in the site and contact our live support. Make sure you send them all information needed to fix the issue.

What details do we need?

What browser/device are you using? and in which country?
When did you place it/ the ads stop working?
Did you make any changes in the implementation/ on site?
Where did you place the codes?

Usually it takes 15 -30 minutes until you start seeing ads after the tag was created.

Updated on: 22/06/2021

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