AdMaven gives their publisher several payment methods by their choice , such as PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, WebMoney and Paxum.

Do you transfer charge fees?

Paypal: we do not charge any fees but Paypal might charge 3%-5% fee, depending on country of origin, Paypal account and amount.
Payoneer: we don’t charge any fees.
Paxum: we do not charge any fees but Paxum might charge fees.
WebMoney: we do not charge any fees.
Wire Transfer (bank): we cover over 50% of the transfer fees by wire.

What is your payment policy?

Minimum payout for Paypal and Payoneer: $50
Minimum payout for Bitcoin and Paxum: $500
Minimum payout for Webmoney and Wire Transfer: $1000

The automatic payment period is set at Net+30 payments, you can find our payment policy in the publisher panel under the “Payment details” section

If you haven’t updated the payment details BEFORE the end of the month, the payment will not be processed on time.

If the account does not reach the minimum, you will not get paid on your payment basis.
When you reach the total balance of your payment method, please send a payout request by contacting our support email:
Please include all the account details (email and site) and the exact months for payment.

Update your payment details here.
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