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Additional Monetization Using Push ads

How can I start earning extra profit from my landing pages?

• Register as an affiliate, add your landing page, and verify it in the dashboard.
• Implement the push notification script and tag to the landing page/pre-lander of your offer.
• Send traffic as usual, and the push notification tag will open a push subscription window on your landing page.
• Users will be offered to subscribe to push notifications, and you will earn up to 30% in addition to your current revenue for subscribed users.

Which verticals of offers can be used to work with push notifications subscriptions?

• All common verticals will work with push subscriptions, for example: Sweepstakes, Finance, Utilities, E-commerce, Dating, and others.

Will the collection of subscriptions affect the conversion rate (CR) of my main offer?

• After examining several cases of our affiliates, we can say that in some cases adding push subscriptions can lead to a slight CR decrease of no more than 2-3%. However, your overall income
can increase up to 30% even with the CR drop, thanks to push subscriptions that will pay off the difference.

What type of traffic sources are suitable for push subscriptions?

• You are free to buy traffic from any reputable sources of your choice.
• Please be aware that we do not permit the use of fraudulent, proxy, or bot traffic.

Is it possible to work with landing pages that were built with WordPress?

• Yes, please contact our account managers for further details.

How often will I get my payouts?

• You have the option to receive your payment on a weekly basis!
• Please note that the retention period for the first payment after registration is 14 days. To ensure you receive your payment, please verify your account.
• The minimum payout is $50.

Updated on: 30/04/2023

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